Dr. Brene Brown is an exceptional researcher and storyteller on the topics of vulnerability, courage, worthiness, and shame. Her TED talks are well worth watching – they will make you laugh and give you hope to live a courageously vulnerable life.



Her personal website and blog is a great resource.  She has also written several books and has been interviwed on Oprah, PBS, The Today Show and many others.


Health At Every Size – A holistic model of listening to your body’s cues for hunger, learning to trust yourself again, and finding  physical movement again for the sake of joy rather than societal pressure.


Opal:  Food + BodyWisdom – We are thrilled to have such an amazing resource within our seattle community.  Opal creates a safe place for women to renter their relationship with their bodies with kindness and hope.  They provide a range of care and support for disordered eating to full blown eating disorders.   At a recent speaking event their co-founder Julie Church said through eating disorders we try to, “Simplify the complexities of life into a body shape and size.”  I thought her words held so much compassion and clarity.