Counseling Individuals

I am committed to your journey into wholehearted living.  At various points in life we recognize we need more care or that something is not working right.  Perhaps you are in a time of transition or are struggling with a tough patch in your relationships.  Hope often sounds like a wishful word in our culture – but I want you to leave therapy with more hope – the gritty, scrappy, resilient kind.  This authentic hope grows as you embrace your life story with all its darkness and light.  You don’t need to talk about everything at once, but just give yourself a place and time to connect with your whole self and pay attention to your life as it is now.

Counseling Families

Life as a family is the biggest relational treasure we have.  Sometimes hardships or the challenges of growing up require new perspectives and a safe place to process.  My role is to help you and your loved ones, a spouse, child, or adolescent gain new understanding and compassion for each other.  Often you are both missing some aspect of each other and are not able to be fully known and embraced.  Counseling provides a safe place to reconnect and learn how to love in new ways.